DBT Skills Classes for Adolescents in  New York City

How can DBT skills help your adolescent?

  • Does your teenager have trouble interacting with others? 
  • Does your adolescent love friends one minute and hate them the next? 
  • Is everything always a drama?
  • Does your teen say that things HAVE to be a certain way or else? 
  • Does your adolescent complain of feeling numb or empty?
  • Does your teenager have strong overwhelming or confusing emotions?
  • Is your adolescent too impulsive?

Although some of these behaviors are normal part of adolescence, when they get in the way of your teenager
s school work, social life, and development, DBT skills classes can help.   Specifically, classes can help teens tolerate strong emotions without taking them out on others, ask for what they want/need in an appropriate fashion, describe their emotions in words without acting on them,  cope with difficult situations, and maintain self-respect.  DBT skills classes can also help teens who engage in unhealthy behaviors because they have trouble dealing with their emotions, such as binging, purging, and cutting.

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646 706 7781 ext 2

Classes are held at 19 West 34th Street, Penthouse, New York, NY 10001.  Classes will resume in September of 2013.

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